Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Impact Sourcing – A Certain Win in an Uncertain Economy -

In today's day, the entire economic condition has gone for a spin. With the ever increasing surge in the demand for products to be priced right and for companies to deliver products and services at an increasingly competitive price; there is a high need for these companies to be able to fulfill these needs and in order to do so – need to also be able to source their internal requirements at the right cost. This in turn brings on the need for a highly competitive and efficient system in relation to the processes , application and infrastructure of the organization. There has been a high IT cost reduction during the current economic times. It has been noticed that in the last 20 years, the negative impact on IT expenditure has never lasted for more than two years.

Considering the current situation; there is a high requirement for a recession proof IT business strategy that would work with the entire organization to bring about a reduction in IT expenditure and not compromise on the total operations of the firm. Organisations confronted with reality should plan for substantial volatility in the underlying economic factors that govern the external environment of the organization. However organizations that are confronted with these challenges would have an immediate reactions to freeze spending in an effort to reduce IT costs and minimize risks, and postpone strategic decisions to a more favourable time. Most strategic decisions are complex, critical to an organization’s long-term success, and go well beyond traditional cost and technology considerations.

Impact Sourcing – a methodology from Zensar Technologies was typically created taking into consideration the long as well as short term views. Zensar believes that the current market conditions can provide new opportunities for organisations that are already impact outsourcing, or planning to outsource, their processes and function to reap significant financial and non-financial benefits in the immediate future. While greater market complexity and risk are concerns that require serious focus, organizations should not hesitate to take steps that can enhance their flexibility and competitive strength when the economy recovers, while keeping a strong control on IT costs.

Zensar’s Impact Sourcing model helps you realize the twin benefits of immediate tangible savings along with resource bandwidth to focus on long-term strategic goals. The Impact Sourcing (IS) model’s core focus is assured success within a fixed time-frame. The assured 10/10 principal means savings of minimum ten percent in any chosen process within ten months of engagement. The IS team works with the client sponsor to squeeze cash from the current operations to fund strategic initiatives over the next 18 – 24 months.

As an added benefit, Zensar leverages its global delivery model which includes a broad catalogue of highly streamlined business processes with the added benefit of improved efficiency and lower cost for its clients. These are standard processes which are delivered as a re usable, ready-made component. The ability to deliver a 90% fit from day one means the impact is created in the first year.

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